Friday, January 7, 2011


Boots- Payless (?), leggings- clearance rack at Charlotte Russe, purse- mom's (from China), polka dot shirt- mom's (Liz Claiborne, unknown brand), glasses- prescription from eye doctor (transitions)
So basically, I've been a fail blogger. The last time I posted was more than a month ago, and the only thing I can blame is my laziness. Indeed, laziness is a monster I have yet to vanquish, as evident by my less than spectacular grades in the fields of math and science. :( I passed Christmas, New Year's, everything in favor of sleeping in and doing nothing- absolutely nothing. I took a few pictures over the break, this being one of them. I think the cold has made me reluctant to take pictures as well, but I returned from Vermont and Canada the day before and felt brave. My area felt warm as compared to those two areas. 

Don't mind my ridiculously awkward posing. I've no idea why my hand is at my neck in a strange position. I suppose I thought it looked rather cool at the time... Obviously, not.

Anyways, perhaps 2011 shall by a more successful blogging year? Perhaps my New Year's resolution should be to fight off my laziness monster. ;p 



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