Friday, June 27, 2014

:( honestly no excuses... except... college?

haha, a good blog should be updated frequently... clearly I'm having a hard time maintaining such a philosophy... I think I am going to expand these blog to focus more on an online "journal of sorts" because I'm lazy and I a "personal style" blog is honestly too much effort for me to maintain at the moment. So I resolve to try and update more on this blog about all things random... 



Friday, March 15, 2013

Introducing.... Off-Topic Fridays

I have a proclivity to ramble. It's just a habit I guess, something that comes with me having no filter when it comes to speaking. In social conversation, I am that person who is always making social gaffes and in-eloquently tripping over words. In any case, I figured my rambling needed an outlet and it's always fun to have variety in a blog. Thus, I've deemed Fridays to be my off-topic days, the day of the week that I post little thoughts and nit-bits that are random. 

I hope you, the readers might also enjoy! 

So, without further delay.... 

1) Godfrey Gao is beautiful. No seriously, the man is beautiful. I discovered this Taiwanese-born actor (came to Canada when he was 9 so he also speaks fluently in English) through some random drama blogs that I follow (self-admitted Asian drama addict here). He's 6'5, his face his beautiful, his being is beautiful. He's also going to be playing Magnus from the upcoming "Mortal Instruments" movie, an adaptation of a book series I rather enjoyed back in the day. Reader, I am in love.

2) The Andrews Sisters are amazing. My friend has started a singing trio with her friends and since one part of the trio isn't available on one of their performance days, she asked if I could help fill in. It's just so much fun to listen to this upbeat style of music. When you listen, all you want to do is sing along and dance. Really amazing music. :) 

3) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is my crack. As an avid "Pride and Prejudice" fan, I've followed many different adaptations/sequels versions of the book that started it out. I could really ramble on and on for days about the topic (1995 BBC series=favorite interpretation). I'm really loving the way they've modernized the series, and I think they really show how socially awkward but well-intentioned (for the most part) Darcy is. The acting is amazing, and I am incredibly jealous of Jane Bennet's lovely Modcloth filled wardrobe. 

4) Les Miserables is always on my mind. Yes, the movie came out quite a while ago, but I'm still obsessed. And it's reminded me of how much I love, love, love musicals. I've been listening to loads of Lea Salonga (aka angel voice of the heavens) and singing along to my old favorites. 

5) Gym should be banned from schools. I thought cruel and unusual punishments were supposed to be illegal. That is all. 

Thanks for paying mind to my ramblings!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Emerging Spring

/Cardigan- H&M, Lace top- Thrifted, Jeans- American Eagle, Necklace- Ebay, Bracelet- Texas Souvenir, Rings- Aeropostale, Boots- Payless/ 

I had originally planned to post pictures of "snow" outfit pictures from a freak snowstorm last week in my area. However technological *ahem* problems have arisen- rendering me unable to open up those lovely photos. I'll be sure to ask my techie dad for some help later, but for now, I thought I'd put up some pictures I took today. 

It's beautiful today. 


The sun's on my face, the wind is softly blowing, the sun is out... 

Is this... Could this be...

that elusive little season we like to call spring? 

Hope it's beautiful where you all are!


PS- Enjoy a picture of my little sister making fun of me for my silly posing. 

Friday, March 8, 2013


Spring, oh, spring, where art thou? I am really longing for the breezy lightness that spring entails- no bulky jackets allowed- but the weather seems all too happy to spite me, for she has sent another fall of snow down to grace us here where I live. I am a bit thankful- it give me a day off from school, which is always nice (even if it takes off from some of my spring break days). 

In any case, I love the simple elegance of these photos. Everything is just so nice and clean and airy (even with the more structured pieces- if that makes any sense?). Any how- it's a bit of inspo to keep me going in this prevailing winter weather. 


Red, a world about to dawn-- black, the night that ends at last...

/Sweater- Charlotte Russe, Black Skirt- H&M, Necklace- Ebay, Band ring- Aeropostale, Spiral Ring- DIY, Wooden beads bracelet- China, Pink and Red Bangles/ 

The musical theater geek in me giggles at my title- but digression aside: here I am again, making another post! Yay for consistency! I wore this to school yesterday and took some snaps yesterday when I got back (even attempting to work my dad's ol' DSLR- even though I can profess to be no photographer!). 

I have to say that I really love this sweater- this maroon/darkish red has really been a favorite color of mine this past season and I'm always a fun of polka dots. 

Also- forgive the blurs from that last picture. Thanks to my bad picture-taking, I had blurs a plenty, and for some odd reason, I find myself rather fond of the image. So I put them up as well :) 

Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In which, I return.... 

It's been three years since I posted my first entry. While I like to pretend that I've grown up, I know that I still hold many of the uncertainties and insecurities of my younger self. Still, I'd like to think that maybe this time I'll have enough motivation to be more frequent with my posts. In any case, I re-enter the blogging world via this small, obscure little outfit post. 

Yesterday, our English class got into a little discussion over self-perceptions versus external-perceptions. One of my classmates, donning his usual collar and sweatshirt attire commented that he had adopted a "look-good, feel-good" philosophy and dressed preppy because, as a middle class American, he aspired to enter that social standing. His words, I think, unconsciously inspired me to reach for a collared shirt. I don't exactly feel richer yet- but I certainly understand where his thinking comes from. 

/Collared shirt- can't remember, Sweater- Macy's, Shorts- Macy's, Tights- Charlotte Russe, Rose Necklace- Ebay/ 

Friday, January 7, 2011


Boots- Payless (?), leggings- clearance rack at Charlotte Russe, purse- mom's (from China), polka dot shirt- mom's (Liz Claiborne, unknown brand), glasses- prescription from eye doctor (transitions)
So basically, I've been a fail blogger. The last time I posted was more than a month ago, and the only thing I can blame is my laziness. Indeed, laziness is a monster I have yet to vanquish, as evident by my less than spectacular grades in the fields of math and science. :( I passed Christmas, New Year's, everything in favor of sleeping in and doing nothing- absolutely nothing. I took a few pictures over the break, this being one of them. I think the cold has made me reluctant to take pictures as well, but I returned from Vermont and Canada the day before and felt brave. My area felt warm as compared to those two areas. 

Don't mind my ridiculously awkward posing. I've no idea why my hand is at my neck in a strange position. I suppose I thought it looked rather cool at the time... Obviously, not.

Anyways, perhaps 2011 shall by a more successful blogging year? Perhaps my New Year's resolution should be to fight off my laziness monster. ;p